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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Aarogyasri?
2) What is the need for Health Scheme?
3) How much of insurance coverage is provided under the scheme?
4) Who are the beneficiaries under the scheme?
5) What are the ailments identified for which I can get treatment under Aarogyasri?
6) How to know that I am suffering from these diseases?
7) What about coverage for other diseases?
8) What will be the role of Government hospitals?
9) Who is implementing the programme?
10) Who is paying the premium?
11) Is there any enrollment to be done to avail the benefits?
12) Can all the Hospitals in the state provide treatment under the scheme?
13) Is there any person who will help me in the hospitals?
14) How Can I recognize Aarogyamithra?
15) What are the other services provided by Aarogyamithra?
16) How can I avail the benefits under the scheme?
17) Whether accident cases are covered under the scheme?
18) How can I avail benefits under the scheme in case of accidents & emergency as I may not carry White Card/Health Card?
19) Will I be taken care properly at the hospitals?
20) What is meant by cashless treatment?
21) What are the services I get in a hospital under the package?
22) Shall I need to pay the hospital if my initial tests do not confirm the identified disease under the scheme?
23) How can I proceed if initial medical tests conducted suggest that I am not suffering from any of the identified diseases?
24) What is the responsibility of the hospital while I am getting discharged?
25) Will I be provided food during hospitalization?
26) Am I entitled for any transport charges from the hospital?
27) What is my role while getting discharged?
28) Am I entitled for any follow up services under the scheme?
29) Can I get information on type of specialty services available in a hospital?
30) What are the responsibilities of the hospitals while treating the patients under the scheme?
31) Are there any health camps organized under the scheme?
32) What are the services provided in a health camp?
33) Where can I get the Health Camp details?
34) What is toll free number?
35) What is a call centre? How it is useful for me?
36) What is Aarogyasri Health Care Trust?
37) Under whose supervision is the scheme being implemented?
38) Will I be getting quality treatment under the scheme? If so how is it ensured by the Trust?
39) Is there any Medical Audit mechanism in the Trust?
40) Is there any public audit mechanism in the scheme?
41) What is the role of District Administration?
42) How can I register my complaint and whom can I contact?
43) Whom should I contact for registering my grievances?
44) Where can I get further information about the scheme?
45) What if any of the family member's name is not there but photo is available?
46) What if any of the family member's photo is not there but name is available?
47) What if my children born after the issuance of the white card, hence neither the photo nor name is available in the card?
48) What is Pre-authorization?
49) Is any Trust Official in the District who can help me in times of difficulty?